The winners of the Evergreen Innovation Camp Hackathon 2019


At the first Evergreen Innovation Camp Hackathon, 75 students and young professionals from a total of 18 universities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland teamed up in teams to work 48 hours to find innovative, financially viable solutions for tracing timber.

„We are deeply impressed by the numerous concepts that resulted from the Hackathon. With the Hackathon, we have introduced a new culture of innovation to the timber industry,“, says Dr. Georg Erlacher, Chairman of the Evergreen Private Foundation.

In the 48 hours, all 12 teams developed innovative solutions and concepts and prototypes based partly on blockchain and artificial intelligence. The high level, their motivation and the fun they had impressed both the jury and the mentors and team of the Evergreen Innovation Camp.

1st place

The winning team, “Tree ID”, developed a concept based on comparing laser measurement data from the forest and at the sawmill. Before being harvested, the standing trees are measured by a mobile laser scanning device. The stem contour and the branch distribution along the stem surface are computed into a unique profile and can be matched with 3D-contour scanning of the logs in the mill.

2nd place

The team that took second place, “Smeasure”, spent the 48 hours programming a working prototype whose neural network recognises the branch distribution of trees that have already been felled. The growth ring pattern is also scanned. Cameras and GPS modules are integrated into the forestry worker’s tape measure, which allows for efficient application of the process in reality.

3rd place

The “Logsmiths” came third. Their smart marking hammer attaches small plates with integrated RFID chips to the trunks. These automatically register the GPS coordinates.