Participant’s profiles

Who are we looking for?

Students who are motivated to challenge themselves in a 48-hour hackathon. If you’re interested and willing to get immersed in one of the critical industries of the circular economy – then you’re the right person! 

Do you recognize yourself in one of the profiles below? Then apply for the Evergreen Innovation Camp today. 

  • Communication Wizard – Marketing, Digital Communications or PR 

  • Wood Experts – Forestry or Wood & Fiber Technology 

  • Creative Genius – Cinematograph, Animation Artist, Graphic Designer 

  • Number crunchers – Business and economy 

  • Outside of the Box Thinkers – Various Fields  


Other hard requirements:  

  • Fluent in English 

  • Enrolled in a European university (or similar tertiary level) 

  • Availability to spend 9th to 11th October in Vienna (the hackathon is in-person - expenses will be covered). 

  • Willingness to engage with and process completely new ideas. 


How will we choose? 

Grades are not everything. We mainly want to know that you’re motivated. 

  • Let us feel that you’re a team player that wants to work together in an international team. 

  • Express your readiness to really dig into sustainable wood supply chains  

  • Show that you have knowledge and motivation that is relevant to make a compelling contribution to the challenge. 

  • Be sure that we can reach you in case there are follow-up questions. 


Application is open until 3rd September 2023. 

Apply now! 


The number of participants is limited (approx. 50).