Evergreen Innovation Camp Terms & Conditions

§1 Overview

HS Timber Group GmbH, Favoritenstraße 7/2, A-1040 Vienna / Austria, is the organizer of the Evergreen Innovation Camp. The executing agency is WhatAVenture GmbH, Markhofgasse 19, A-1030 Vienna / Austria.

The aim of the Evergreen Innovation Camp is to initiate solutions for the following challenge through innovative approaches: "CHALLENGE." At the end of the event, developed prototypes, movies, landing pages and/or applications are to be presented to an expert jury for evaluation and award (see also challenge definition).

The Evergreen Innovation Camp 2023 takes place in Vienna, Austria. The organizer reserves the right to change the venue for significant reasons.

The working phase of the event and the exact agenda will be announced in due time on www.evergreen-innovationcamp.io.

The competition language is English.

Applications to participate in the Evergreen Innovation Camp can be submitted by individuals. The participant will be supported by the organizer through a matching process to form a team with other participants. The organizer encourages teams to be interdisciplinary.

Continuous and complimentary meals for all participants will be provided by the organizer during the three-day event.

§2 Eligibility

The Evergreen Innovation Camp primarily targets students (in advanced stages of their studies) and young professionals with a high interest and preferably some experience in the solution approaches, technologies, or applications described under "Challenge" on www.evergreen-innovationcamp.io.

Participants who are employees of a company, public institution, or educational institution are solely responsible for ensuring that their participation in the Evergreen Innovation Camp does not violate the rules of their respective institution or employer.

Participants must register for the event via the application form provided on the Evergreen Innovation Camp website. The Evergreen Innovation Camp has a specific capacity limit for the number of participants.

There is no legal entitlement to participate in the Evergreen Innovation Camp or receive an award.

§3 Ideas / Contributions / Submissions

Applications from interested individuals are explicitly welcomed. In the formation of teams with other participants or joining an existing team, the organizer will support them through a matching process.

The teams' contributions/submissions must be fully submitted by the deadline announced on the closing day. Participants will be informed in a timely manner about the type and scope of the submission and presentation.

Contributions will be disqualified if they are inappropriate or offensive. The assessment of appropriateness lies at the discretion of the organizer. Participants and teams are responsible for ensuring that their contributions are appropriate for all viewers.

By applying, participating, and/or submitting their contribution, team participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions established for the Evergreen Innovation Camp.

§4 Requirements for Contributions / Applications / Prototypes

Participants are expected to develop applications and/or prototypes within the context of the predefined challenge.

If programming is required for the solution, code developed prior to the Evergreen Innovation Camp may be used, provided it does not infringe upon any third-party claims. However, the code necessary to integrate the existing code into the provided platforms must be newly written during the event. Teams are requested to indicate the extent of the application or prototype that was developed before the Evergreen Innovation Camp and what was developed during the event.

If a team is unable to complete the application or prototype by the specified deadline, they are requested to contact the present event coordinators to find a solution together.

§5 Prizes and Evaluation

The organizer will award attractive prizes to the best contributions. The main prize is a cash prize of €10,000. The prize money will be evenly distributed among the members of the winning team and is free to be used at their discretion.

In addition to the main prize, the organizer will also award individual prizes and non-cash prizes. Qualified participants will be informed about these prizes prior to the start of the challenge.

The jury, consisting of relevant experts appointed by the organizer prior to the event, will evaluate all ideas after the working phase of the hackathon and nominate three best ideas / teams to present their ideas in a three-minute pitch presentation at the main awards ceremony gala event on the evening of 11 October. The winning idea will be chosen in a live voting.

On the final evening, each of the three nominated teams will have approximately 3 minutes to publicly present their results to the assembled audience.

The decisions and awards of the jury and the organizer and the results of the live voting are final and not subject to further review or appeal.

The specific evaluation criteria and their weighting will be communicated by the organizer and the jury before the start of the competition period and will be transparently available throughout the event.

All team members who have won a prize must provide their payment details, if necessary, in order to receive the prize. Failure to do so within 30 days may result in the prize being forfeited by the organizer.

The prizes awarded at the Evergreen Innovation Camp are generally considered taxable income. The winners are solely responsible for the taxation of any potential winnings.

§6 Intellectual Property / Use of Contributions

Participants retain ownership of the developed applications and prototypes.

Participants must have all necessary property rights regarding their own work equipment.

Participants do not have the right to use or display the logos or trademarks of the sponsors outside of the Evergreen Innovation Camp without consultation. The same applies to the provided technologies or IP addresses.

§7 General Rules

By applying for or participating in the Evergreen Innovation Camp, participants unconditionally agree to comply with the rules stated herein and the decisions of the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules and conditions at any time. It is the participant's responsibility to regularly check the website for any possible changes to the terms and conditions of participation.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants or teams who violate the official terms and conditions of participation, engage in fraudulent activities, disrupt the course of the Evergreen Innovation Camp, or behave inappropriately.

If, in the organizer's discretion, the feasibility of the Evergreen Innovation Camp is jeopardized, the organizer may a) interrupt and resume the event after a certain period, b) take other measures deemed appropriate in the situation, or c) terminate the Evergreen Innovation Camp without awarding prizes.

By applying for or participating in the Evergreen Innovation Camp, participants agree to hold the organizer, its employees, and agents harmless in the event that they incur liability during the event due to 1) unauthorized interference with the rights and performances of third parties, 2) the violation of trademark or other protective and ownership rights, 3) disputes between team members, or 4) claims for damages related to the infringement of personal rights or property damage.

By applying for or participating in the Evergreen Innovation Camp, participants commit to handle the premises of the Evergreen Innovation Camp, the equipment contained therein, as well as the provided working materials and devices with care, not to harm other participants, and to be responsible for any damage caused to persons or property. Participants indemnify the organizer against any claims for damages.

In connection with the participation in the Evergreen Innovation Camp, participants have no legal entitlement to awards, remuneration, reimbursement of costs and/or expenses, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

§8 Privacy and Publicity

All personal data of participants will be treated in accordance with applicable data protection laws. The collected personal data will be used by the organizer to conduct the Evergreen Innovation Camp. If information is stored on a third-party website, it will be used in accordance with their privacy policy.

Participants agree to the organizer and its partners using their developed solution and deliverables during and after the Evergreen Innovation Camp event to promote the event on the organizer’s website or third party website or social media. Moreover, participants agree to the organizer and its partners using their names, photos, and video footage taken during the Evergreen Innovation Camp for public relations and marketing purposes, including online and offline media, without any claims to compensation.

Participants have the right to revoke their consent to the use of personal data and images for marketing purposes at any time by notifying the organizer in writing. The separate data protection declaration of the event organizer applies.

§9 Liability

The organizer shall be liable only in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the organizer, its legal representatives, or agents. If damage is caused by the grossly negligent or wilful actions of an agent of the organizer, liability shall be limited to that specific agent.

Liability for slight negligence is excluded, except in cases of personal injury. Furthermore, the organizer shall only be liable within the scope of mandatory law.

Participants are solely responsible for their physical well-being during the Evergreen Innovation Camp and must assess their personal physical fitness. Under no circumstances shall the organizer be liable for self-inflicted physical harm during the Evergreen Innovation Camp.

§10 Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions and the resulting legal relationship shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Austria. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, unless the participant is a consumer within the meaning of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

These terms and conditions are effective as of June 2023.